188: It’s Not Only You: Easy Ways To Cope With Overwhelm

Snow roads, aprés skiing, “intimate” flora and how we’re coping with that classic end-of-the-year-overwhelm…it’s safe to say there aren’t many things we *don’t* discuss in this week’s episode. It’s that point in the year where we’re all starting to feel *it*. The tiredness is kicking in, we’re reflecting on what we have (or maybe haven’t) achieved and we’re looking ahead to a brand new year. Even though it’s such an exciting time of year it’s also the easiest time to have the overwhelm creep in, but when that tiny little thing pushes you over the edge (catching your jumper on a door knob as you walk past, anyone?) you can take comfort in knowing you really aren’t alone. We’re sharing why it happens, how to pick yourself up and ways we’re trying to prevent it for next year.

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