114: When You Should Ask For Help

Disclaimer: This episode of the podcast is pre-recorded. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted and we have left links below to organisations who are helping Ukraine if you’re in a position to support.

The British Red Cross
Choose Love

Asking for help is often easier said than done. We’re all taught, consciously or unconsciously, to think of asking for help in any capacity is a sign of weakness and that it means you aren’t able to cope with a situation. In reality asking for help can be a great sign of bravery, it’s a chance to get support, confront the things gaps in your knowledge and demonstrate strong leadership skills. None of us are perfect and we can’t possibly know everything, so whether it’s a task at work, an everyday occurrence that could do with the support of your partner or reaching out for help with your mental health, asking for help is a great habit to cultivate.


The Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

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