205: Curating Your Own Milestones

We have a new intro and it’s safe to say we’re still adjusting! But this week we are chatting about the exciting Legally Blonde news, what films Charlotte will be watching on the plane and our various levels of cringe when it comes to Rom Coms. But this week we’re also chatting about curating your own milestones and while we both are getting married this year, we feel like there is more to milestones than the traditional ones that society tells us we should be excited about.

You can define your own milestones and depending on your hobbies, lifestyle, industry, background, sexual orientation and a million other things, your milestones are unique to you and more than anything should be a chance to celebrate things that are important to you with people who care about you. Whether that’s running a PB in your marathon training, paying off debt, getting a new job or getting a visa you’ve applied for.

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