193: Is Being High Maintenance Such A Bad Thing?

We’re back from another unscheduled hiatus (life happens!) and we’re can’t wait to dive into this week’s topic. We’re discussing the idea of being high maintenance, what does it *actually* mean and who even cares if someone is high maintenance. Is it just a misogynistic term that’s thrown at women too easily or it is just rooted within jealousy and comparison to others? We talking about why having high standards and wanting to take care of yourself is never a bad thing, but also how it’s truly no one’s business if you’re the one maintaining yourself.

After our conversation I had a look into the work ‘queer’ and (like so many things) it looks like there’s a lot of different opinions on who, if anyone should use the word to describe people in the LGBTQ+ community. If I offended anyone by using the word as a straight woman, then I’m sorry. These two articles were great in helping me get a bit more context on the history of the word and how it’s being reclaimed. We’re always learning and trying to do better, and that’s what this podcast is all about!



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