132: Coping with Overwhelm

For our last episode before we have our summer break, we wanted to talk about overwhelm and how to cope with or mitigate it. We all go through stressful or overwhelming periods and more so right now when the world feels very challenging and stressful in a lot of ways. But there’s no shame around feeling overwhelmed and instead we’re talking about why it’s important to spot the signs of it early and plan for what you need to do for you and your wellbeing.

Self care can often come last when you’re feeling overwhelmed, but making the hard choice to check in with yourself, stay no to things that put more pressure on you, or pushing back on non-urgent things are all simple ways to put yourself first, even if they can feel really challenging to do at the time.

We talk about how we cope with overwhelming periods and what we try to do to cope with those feelings and learn from it afterwards, while also showing ourselves compassion.


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