103: The Fear Of Having Children

Content Warning: This week we’re discussing the fear around having children, based on our personal thoughts and experiences. We discuss a wide range of topics including fertility, being child-free, pregnancy, birth, traumatic births, loneliness, mental health and other topics. If this isn’t something you want to or feel you can listen to right now please skip this episode.

The conversations about parenthood, and whether to be a parent or be child-free, are opening up more and that can only be a good thing. However it feels like there’s a big grey area that we still aren’t addressing. What if you aren’t clear on whether you want to have children? Or what if you might like the idea but also find it deeply terrifying? You might think you want to but just know it’s not one for right now, but what if “right now” never comes? We think that given it’s likely to be the biggest decision you’ll ever make it’s one worth discussing in detail and giving real consideration. There’s no “right” answer but hopefully by opening up the conversation it provides some comfort to anyone else who feels like they’re in that confusing and often scary grey area.

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