Episode 31: Loneliness

We know we’re a little late and the sound quality isn’t great this week but we’re hoping you’ll forgive us as we work out our new recording logistics! This fortnight we’re discussing loneliness and why it’s ok if you feel lonely. This is a discussion usually reserved for older generations but we think it is just as relevant when you’re young too. We share some of the times when we’ve felt lonely and what we do to try and prevent it from happening.

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Stir Fry Recipe

Throw some oil into a pan with garlic, spring onions, half a lime, ground coriander, some mild chili flakes and some soy/tamari sauce (only a little). Thinly slice the tofu into little pieces and fry until it’s super crispy then throw in the rest of your veg. Cook your rice noodles, drain and put them in with the veg. Make a sauce from a tablespoon or 2 of almond butter (you could probably use peanut or cashew here) with a generous glug of soy sauce and a little bit of water. Mix up and pour over the stir fry and serve.