Episode 10: Long Distance Relationships

This week we are discussing long distance relationships, a topic that is very close to both of our hearts and something that we could chat about for hours. We have both been in long distance relationships for some years and in that time have found that not only do very few people seem to discuss them but that there is also the idea that long distance can only ever be a bad thing. That certainly isn’t how we feel (or our boyfriends for that matter!) so we wanted to have this conversation to reframe long distance and share why it has worked for us and the steps we take to maintain a healthy relationship. We know that this probably wont be relevant for everyone in their 20’s but it’s been a defining feature of ours so wanted to discuss it. Whether you’re in one now, have been in the past or you’re just as nosey as we are and like to hear about peoples relationships we hope you enjoy this week! And if you want to hear the couples Q&A then please send us in your questions and we’ll get the guys on!

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