Episode 8: How To Save Money

It’s a brand new year and we are kicking it off by talking about saving money! We know that money can sometimes seem a little boring and be a bit of a taboo subject but we think its really important that we all start to have more open conversations about money and how to manage your finances. In this episode we chat all about saving money, sorting out a savings account and we share some of our favourite tips on how to save a little bit more each month. We also have a natter about or Chirstmas breaks and share a few of our favourite things with you!

A little disclaimer, we had a few sound issues when recording this week but we’re working on it so please bear with us! It’s all a learning curve and should hopefully be back to normal next week!

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ABC Murders


Calm App

Via Hero

“The ‘Fuck Off’ Fund” by Paulette Perhach

(Paulette also wrote a really good follow up piece for Glamour here)

Fringe Of It Money Episode


Moneybox (this was the app that I actually meant for rounding up your spare pennies, whoops!)

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert

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