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Episode 26: Bonus Episode – Discussing Body Image with Becky & Asia

We’re coming to you this week with something a little different, a bonus episode where we interview our friends, Becky and Asia, and discuss all things body image with them. We spoke in the last episode about how we were conscious that we came to the discussion from two very specific viewpoints so we took the opportunity to open up the discussion with our friends too. We hope you enjoy this extra dose of 20s Are Hard and we’d love to hear what you think about interviewing guests on the show!

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Episode 24: How To Stay Motivated

Are you struggling to get back into the swing of things after a break over the summer? Or maybe you’ve been working towards a goal for what seems like forever and suddenly you find yourself running out of steam? Maybe you just need the kick up the backside to get going on a new project? Well this fortnight’s topic is perfect for you because we’re discussing motivation but more importantly how to stay motivated. We’ve all felt that initial buzz when we start a new project or make a new plan but keeping it up and making sure that we can sustain that level of motivation can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, no matter how much you want something. We’re all working towards our own goals and all have our own motivations for them but at the end of the day we’re all also just human. So if you need some tips in how to keep that momentum going and how to stay motivated even when things are tough or are taking longer than you expected, we’re here for you!

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The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

Seedlip Non Alcoholic Spirit

How Power Poses Impact Confidence at Work

Big Wild Thought

22: Keeping Fit

We all know that exercising and keeping fit is important but it can often feel so difficult to work it around our busy lives and other commitments. Even if you love working out, finding the time can feel like a real challenge. This fortnight we discuss the ways we try to still prioritise excercise and why we always ensure it’s something we make time for, regardless of whether we love it and always have (Helli) or find building up the motivation more challenging (Charlotte).

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Florence and the Machine Article

Secrets of the Multi Layer Millionaires

The Escape Room Swansea

Victoria Secret Butt Workout

Yoga WIth Adrienne Abs

Episode 21: Why It’s Ok To Quit Your Job

We’ve spoken about careers and finding the right job before, but this week we’re talking about why it’s okay to quite your job. Your 20s can be a confusing time trying to figure out what you want from your career and what job makes you happy, but the added pressure from past generations and the expectation from those around us seems to make quitting your job a bit of a taboo topic. We’re chatting about our own experiences of quitting our jobs, how you know when you should quit and putting a plan in place for what to do next. Whether you’re quitting because you’re unhappy, looking for a new career, going travelling, going into education or just looking for a new opportunity, you need to do what’s right for you.

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ValourGo folding water bottle –

Vegan free from chocolate bar

Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy

Episode 19: Catch Up #2

After a busy few weeks we decided to spend this fortnight catching up properly, sharing what we’ve been up to over the past month or so and doing what we do best, having a good old chat. Normal discussion topics will resume next week (in preparation for our 20th episode!) but for now we’re sharing our latest recommendations, our adventures in Malta and a bit about how we’ve been staying postive when things haven’t quite gone to plan, because believe us when we say plans have really go awry this fortnight!

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A Simple Favour

Astrid & Miyu Piercing

Big Little Lies

The Isle of Paradise ‘We Love Pride’ Playlist

Gin: A Short History

Episode 14: Feeling Overwhelmed

We’re back with another episode and what a fortnight it’s been! It’s been busy for both of us and so it seemed only right that we are discussing that feeling of being overwhelmed in this fortnight’s episode. We get into why it’s OK and totally normally to feel overwhelmed sometimes and share some of the things we do to try and prevent that feeling settling in. We also have our usual catch up and share some of our favourite from the past couple of weeks.

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Dolly Alderton’s Article

Dirty John on Netflix

Crazy Rich Asians

Episode 13: Getting Organised

This fortnight we’re getting stuck into one of our favourite subjects – organisation! Yes, this can seem a little dry at first but it’s one of our favourite things because there’s nothing better than feeling organised and on top of life. Whether you’re a full blown Monica or more of a Phoebe hopefully some of our tips will be helpful! Weve got our usual chit chat, some book talk and some of our favourites from the past week or so!


“Why You Should Travel Less in 2019”

Deliciously Ella Banna Bread Eneergy Balls

Wobble Podcast

Cool Stays

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Episode 11: Discussing Women’s Health

This week we talk all things women’s health, but guys, don’t turn off because it’s important for you too! In fact, we think it’s important that we all start discussing our health more and removing some of the taboos surrounding these discussions. We aren’t medical professionals in any way (careers in marketing and publishing hardly qualify you for that!) but we do have some useful tips and we do want to open up the conversations around all of those typically ‘awkward’ topics like smear tests, checking yourself and just generally being more aware of your body. It’s never too late to get on top of your health and it really could save your life.

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The Dan Mallory Debate

Juice – Lizzo

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck by Sarah Knight

Things mentioned

Deadpool breast examination video

Deadpool testicle examination video


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Episode 8: How To Save Money

It’s a brand new year and we are kicking it off by talking about saving money! We know that money can sometimes seem a little boring and be a bit of a taboo subject but we think its really important that we all start to have more open conversations about money and how to manage your finances. In this episode we chat all about saving money, sorting out a savings account and we share some of our favourite tips on how to save a little bit more each month. We also have a natter about or Chirstmas breaks and share a few of our favourite things with you!

A little disclaimer, we had a few sound issues when recording this week but we’re working on it so please bear with us! It’s all a learning curve and should hopefully be back to normal next week!

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ABC Murders


Calm App

Via Hero

“The ‘Fuck Off’ Fund” by Paulette Perhach

(Paulette also wrote a really good follow up piece for Glamour here)

Fringe Of It Money Episode


Moneybox (this was the app that I actually meant for rounding up your spare pennies, whoops!)

Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert

You Are A Badass At Making Money

Episode 6: The Best Advice We’ve Received

This week we are talking all about the best pieces of advice that we have received. We both love hearing what other people’s favourite advice is so this wee’k we’ve decided to share ours with you, how these have changed our perspectives and why we love them so much. We also chat about how we have started to get into the Christmas spirit (how is it halfway through December already??), share some of our food favourites and also also a new book recommendation.

Don’t forget to get in touch and share your favourite pieces of advice with us & everyone else, we’d love to hear them!

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Mowgli’s Oxford

Deliciously Ella App

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Spotify Christmas Coffeeshop

Peaceful Christmas Piano