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94: How To Stop Your Routines Becoming Monotonous

Finding a routine that works for you can be great and can make your life so much easier. But we’re only human so as our lives and priorities change it’s easy for routines to either becoming monotonous or just not really work for us anymore. We’re talking about why this happens, how to avoid your routines feeling too similar each day and what you can do if things have started to feel a bit too repetitive.

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Doing It Right by Pandora Sykes
Sabotage by Emma Gannon
Feel Better, Live More Podcast episode 192

93: Living An Intentional Life

Saying you want to live intentionally can sound a bit… pretentious, let’s be honest. But in reality it’s all about living in a way that feels authentic to you, allowing you to find your purpose, even if that changes over time. This week we’re discussing how you can start to live more intentionally and why it’s so valuable to you and everyone around you.

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The Maidens by Alex Michaelides

92: Knowing Your Worth

Welcome back to the podcast! This week we’re discussing the importance of understanding your own worth, how to determine your worth and why it can be such a powerful tool.

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