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53: Guilt Trips & Self Forgiveness

TW: During the first recommendation there’s a brief chat about self-harm and suicide, if you’d rather not listen to this part just skip from 09.52 to 10.32

This fortnight we’re discussing guilt trips and forgiving yourself for your past mistakes. As perfectionists this isn’t always something we find easy but is something we’ve been working on and it’s a vital part of the growth process. We’re sharing the ways we’re trying to give ourselves a break and move on from mistakes in a more constructive way (spoiler, beating yourself up for days and weeks on end is not it.)

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52: Cancel Culture

Trigger Warning: This fortnight we’re discussing cancel culture and as part of that there is discussion of topics including sexual assault, transphobia and body image and body dysmorphia. If these are topics that you’d rather not hear discussed and you’d rather just listen to our catch up and recommendations then switch off at 29.12

This fortnight we’re diving into the topic of cancel culture, the pros, the cons and the nuances of how we hold people accountable and who we choose to ‘cancel’. It’s one of our favourite discussions to date and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic too so please get in touch. If you enjoyed the episode we’d be forever grateful if you could leave us a 5* review and subscribe – it really helps us out!

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51: Accountability and Responsibility

We want to say a huge thank you for all your support and love for our new rebrand, we appreciate it so much! This week we’re back with in-depth chats about each of our recommendations, plus we’re talking about accountability and holding ourselves responsible. Taking ownership of our responsibilities and holding ourselves accountable is more important now than ever, whether it’s our responsibility to stand up to racism, to be more environmentally responsible, to hold ourselves accountable for our behaviour in the pandemic or just to try and be a good person. We discuss the small, everyday things we can all do to be more accountable.


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