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Episode 35: Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside of our comfort zones is something we both try to do on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s something smaller like joining a new club, other times it’s taking a huge career change. Whatever it is, we’ve both found that it can be so rewarding when we go outside of comfort zones that it’s something we always try to encourage other people to do too. If you’re not quite sure how to start then we’ve got plenty of ideas and advice in this episode.

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The Age Of The Instagram Face

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Four For The Weekend – Becky van Djik

Giving Up Can Be Good For Us

Episode 34: Setting Realistic Goals

We’re back! It’s a brand new year and we thought it was the perfect time to chat goals and specifically how to set realistic goals that you can actually stick to and achieve. We’d love to hear what yours are (no matter when you’re setting them!) so don’t forget to get in touch with us.

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Happy Vegan by Fearne Cotton

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