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Episode 29: Coping With Worry & Uncertainty

It’s here, our first UK/Australia episode! This fortnight we catch up on all the crazy things that have happened in the past couple of weeks and then dive into our topic: coping with worry and uncertainty. As two self-confessed life-long worriers we have stirred ourselves up into our fair share of worried states and got worked up about the uncertainty that the future holds. In the past year or so we’ve become much better at dealing with worry and uncertainty though and we thought it was time that we shared how we’ve done this and what we do to put a halt on those worrisome thoughts.

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Jamie Oliver’s Meat Free Meals
Friends Cafe in Singapore
Pumpkin Brownie Recipe
Pumpkin Spice Loaf recipe (it actually turned out really well!)

28: Solo Travel

This week we’re discussing one of our favourite topics, solo travel and busting some of the myths that surround it. Whether you’re a seasoned pro like Helli or just starting to dip your toes in like Charlotte, it can be such a fun and exciting experience that we both think everyone should give it a go at least once. We cover the danger that can sometimes be associated with solo travel, how to plan a trip that works for you and what to do if you’re worried about being lonely and ultimately why we think everyone should give it a go at least once. 

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Desert Island Discs

Tom Hanks

Freddie Flintoff

Bruno Tonoli

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