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Episode 24: How To Stay Motivated

Are you struggling to get back into the swing of things after a break over the summer? Or maybe you’ve been working towards a goal for what seems like forever and suddenly you find yourself running out of steam? Maybe you just need the kick up the backside to get going on a new project? Well this fortnight’s topic is perfect for you because we’re discussing motivation but more importantly how to stay motivated. We’ve all felt that initial buzz when we start a new project or make a new plan but keeping it up and making sure that we can sustain that level of motivation can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, no matter how much you want something. We’re all working towards our own goals and all have our own motivations for them but at the end of the day we’re all also just human. So if you need some tips in how to keep that momentum going and how to stay motivated even when things are tough or are taking longer than you expected, we’re here for you!

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Episode 23: Long Distance Friendships

In this fortnight’s episode we decide to tackle the topic of long distance friendships. Most of us have friends that we adore but don’t get to see all that often simply because of geography. Maybe one of you moved, or you were all scattered over the country after uni, whatever the reason sometimes maintaining a friendship when you don’t get to see one another can feel pretty diffuclt. Given that we’ve been long distance friends for the majority of the time we’ve known one another and Helli’s big announcement in this episode we thought it was the perfect timing to long distance friendships.

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