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22: Keeping Fit

We all know that exercising and keeping fit is important but it can often feel so difficult to work it around our busy lives and other commitments. Even if you love working out, finding the time can feel like a real challenge. This fortnight we discuss the ways we try to still prioritise excercise and why we always ensure it’s something we make time for, regardless of whether we love it and always have (Helli) or find building up the motivation more challenging (Charlotte).

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Episode 21: Why It’s Ok To Quit Your Job

We’ve spoken about careers and finding the right job before, but this week we’re talking about why it’s okay to quite your job. Your 20s can be a confusing time trying to figure out what you want from your career and what job makes you happy, but the added pressure from past generations and the expectation from those around us seems to make quitting your job a bit of a taboo topic. We’re chatting about our own experiences of quitting our jobs, how you know when you should quit and putting a plan in place for what to do next. Whether you’re quitting because you’re unhappy, looking for a new career, going travelling, going into education or just looking for a new opportunity, you need to do what’s right for you.

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