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Episode 18: Comparison

In this week’s episode we catch up on our recent trips to New York (Helli) and Lisbon (Charlotte) and get into the big old topic of comparison. It’s something that seems to effect us all, whether we’re comparing ourselves to our friends, strangers on the internet or past versions of ourselves. There’s something about being in your twenties though that seems to make comparison even more apparent and it’s so easy to take your eyes off of what you’re doing and suddenly slip into that downward spiral of comparing yourself to everyone around you. We chat about this, why comparison often just does more harm than good and how we snap out of a comparison rut when we find ourselves in one.

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A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Health – BBC iPlayer

Rocket Man

H&M Recycling Scheme

The Everygirl

Episode 17: Sustainability

This fortnight we’re tackling another big topic, sustainability. Until now we’ve been a little nervous to discuss this because we’re far from experts and know we could both do more. It can also feel like such an overwhelming task to have to ‘save the world’ but we’ve decided to tackle it head on and in this episode we’re sharing some of the changes we’ve made in our everyday lives to do our bit to help our planet. We’ve become increasignly aware of our impact ont he world and how we can live most sustainabily over the past few years but as ever we’re always open to learning more and sharing tips so we can all do a little bit more. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share them either here or via our Instagram page @20sarehard. We also have our usual catch up, talk about Charlotte’s eternal love for ABBA and Helli’s latest TV love.

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Why I’m Re-Wearing More Outfits Than Ever” on

Episode 16: Budget Travel

It’s no secret that we both love to travel and explore new places but neither of us have the money or time to just drop everything and explore somewhere new whenever we fancy it. We’re both advocates of the fact that whilst being able to travel is a privilege it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you first think. If you’re willing to invest a little bit of time, plan things through and make a couple of compromises you can cut the cost of any trip down. In this episode we’re sharing our best tips of how to reduce costs and how we manage to afford to travel with all of life’s other expenses.


Candy Kittens

Avengers: End Game

List of Avengers movies you need to watch here (spoilers for older films if you read the details so just scroll through the titles!)

List of times where you can take a toilet break during the film here (no spoilers)

Yin Yoga with Boho Beautiful

Homecoming on Netflix

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