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Episode 15: Discussing Personal Style

This fortnight we decided it was about time we discussed something a little lighter so we’re chatting all about fashion, personal style and wardrobe staples. It’s something we both love and can be so much fun so whether you want to just get involved in the conversation or are looking for that confidence boost when it comes to stepping outside your style comfort zones, we’re here. We also discuss Our Planet, Captain Marvel (no spoilers, don’t worry) and the people you simply must be following on Instagram. 

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Our Planet on Netflix

Captain America


Dabbers, Liverpool Street, London

Episode 14: Feeling Overwhelmed

We’re back with another episode and what a fortnight it’s been! It’s been busy for both of us and so it seemed only right that we are discussing that feeling of being overwhelmed in this fortnight’s episode. We get into why it’s OK and totally normally to feel overwhelmed sometimes and share some of the things we do to try and prevent that feeling settling in. We also have our usual catch up and share some of our favourite from the past couple of weeks.

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Dolly Alderton’s Article

Dirty John on Netflix

Crazy Rich Asians